Mark Mandarano, Artistic Director

Show Time

Most of the rehearsing has been done and we are just about ready to hit the stage. I was happy to see this concert mentioned in the Riverdale Press.  Anyone can enjoy this kind of performance, with two soloists and one unknown but gorgeous major work. I hope you can come. Tell your friends! Tomorrow, Sunday, June 2nd at 2:30 PM.

Anton von Webern, Langsamer Satz

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Concerto in E-Flat Major K. 271, Benjamin Hochman, piano.

Franz Joseph Haydn, Cello Concerto in D Major, Wilhelmina Smith, cello

Robert Fuchs, Serenade No. 4 for 2 Horns and Strings in G Minor

Can’t beat it.


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